SEPTEMBER 2nd 2023



Marathon, half marathon & 10KM run


And another successful race at the end.

We congratulate the two marathon winners Raphael Miks (Union Vorchdorf) and Gruber Elisabeth (A) and thank you for the incredibly strong rush of registrations this year.   A total of almost 300 runners from 16 nations registered for the run.
Congratulations also to the two half marathon winners: Barbara Poxleitner ( and the Kenyan Lopua Dennis Cox from the run2gether team as well as the winners of the 10 km run, which was held for the first time this year: Hans Wieser and Wagner Veronika.

We   would like to thank all of you, the helpers and last but not least the sponsors and are already looking forward to the 9/2/2023, when it says again: Let your calves burn!

"Tedious, powerful and breathtakingly beautiful", that's how he is described by experts in the trail running scene. The Torlauf is now known as a top-organized event in front of the dreamlike backdrop of the Dachstein massif.

The choices are: the Marathon (42km), which leads technically challenging to an altitude of up to 2,500 meters Half marathon (24km), where you have to master around 500 meters of altitude difference. For everyone who is new to the "running game" or for whom the half marathon distance is too long, there is a new option this year: complete a "relaxed" 10KM Round through Ramsau and enjoy the wonderful mountain scenery. 

The TORLAUF DACHSTEIN is part of the Austrian Trail Running Cup. All information and other cup competitions can be found here HERE.


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