Mountain care insurance

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  • Favorable contribution - only 4.98 EUR for 24 hours

  • No termination - your mountain protection insurance ends automatically


Accidents on the mountain - a risk that should not be underestimated with often expensive consequences!
A lot of accidents happen on the mountain every year. Nationwide, this means that more than 7,000 missions of the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service are necessary. And salvaging from rough terrain can have major financial consequences. The use of a rescue helicopter and the necessary transportation of the sick are often associated with considerable costs.


What many do not know: Operations of this type, especially in the alpine region, often have to be paid for by those affected.



We know that and therefore offer you the NÜRNBERGER mountain protection with cost coverage of up to EUR 55,000 to protect against the financial consequences of an accident in alpine sports.


The most important benefits of mountain protection insurance:

  • Salvage and Helicopter rescue up to EUR 40,000.00

  • Vehicle home transport, return journey and overnight stay up to 1,500.00 EUR

  • Material costs - Alpine sports up to EUR 1,500.00

  • Transfer to a hospital - Alpine sports up to EUR 2,000.00

  • Costs for surgery costs for cosmetic corrections up to EUR 5,000.00

  • Deductibles reimbursed up to EUR 5,000.00



Here's how it works:


2. Choose the product "Bergschutz Single 24 Std."

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